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Bad Habits

Lately I’ve been reading a lot of blog posts and articles on good habits you need to have to be successful or to be happy. This had me thinking, what bad habits do I have? What habits do I have that stop me from being my best self? Because let’s face it, my resolution of bettering myself has gone downhill lately and most likely down to my bad habits. So here are three bad habits I have that I should probably stop and the good habits I could pick up instead.

1. Biting My Nails

So this one doesn’t really have a good habit to replace it except to look after my nails. But as a young child, I always bit my nails. I’m not sure why because when I was young, I wasn’t very anxious so it didn’t start as an anxious thing. I also end up biting my lip/inner cheek, so biting things seems to be a habit of mine and a bad one at that. Not only is it horrible for my nails (it can ruin the skin around them and they always look terrible) but it’s bad for my overall health as bacteria builds up underneath the nail. I’ve stopped lately, only biting here and there, but it needs to stop altogether.


2. Overthinking

A biggie for anyone who’s anxious. A bad habit I have is overthinking everything, from a new event/activity I haven’t tried to having a conversation with someone online. I always overthink things which leads me to be anxious about everything. What if I get lost, what if I say something stupid, what they don’t want to talk to me, etc. I bought a ticket to win VIP tickets to Bestival yesterday through Red Nose Day and Givergy and as excited as I was to possibly win, I kept overthinking it. I started to worry about travel to the festival, travel from there, the fact that there are a bunch of different rules, that I might not understand the layout and get lost, if it was expensive, etc. I even googled the prices and found a forum from 2012 which isn’t relevant to this year’s prices because of inflation. All that and I haven’t even won the tickets yet, if ever. I always overthink social situations as well. It’s often the cause of my stress and worry so I need to stop.

Replacement: Instead of overthinking, I should probably try being a bit more relaxed and going with the flow of things. Calm myself with deep breathing and even mindfulness techniques if I have to. I needed to talk to someone online once and overthought it so much I ended up breaking down a bit to my friends. I found that after I stopped talking to my friends about it and did something else for a while, I thought about it less and messaged them a lot easier later on. Just having that break helped me. So maybe another thing I should do is not to talk about events or things I have to do that make me overthink.


3. Procrastinate

I procrastinate everything. I am a very lazy, unmotivated person which stresses me out a lot. I leave deadlines to the last minute because I hate researching and doing things. With the creative side of my university I struggle to get motivated to write. Then with things outside of uni, I can put them off for weeks (like tidying up my bedroom/living room or redecorating my room). I hate the fact that I’m wasting a lot of my time watching reruns on tele and being online.

Replacement: Firstly, I need to get up earlier because I can easily sleep the day away and then I don’t feel awake enough to do things. I also need to start my exercises again because I always felt more energised by them (and start them earlier in the day). Putting myself in more relaxing environments would help me be inspired for the creative side (not that being lazy like I am isn’t relaxing enough – I meant baths over showers). I also think that I need to read more, find some motivational quotes/stories online to help me and then just push myself a bit more. A lot of it is psychological so anything to push my mind should work.


So there you have it, my top three bad habits and the good habits to replace them with. If you’d like a post on how to be more motivated or inspired, or anything to help better yourself, let me know in the comments! I have a range of techniques I try myself; I’m not an expert but they’re all tried and tested!


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